Discover The Dales

It does not matter if you are a first time visitor to the Yorkshire Dales or a seasoned regular to Gods own County there is always something new to discover and learn about the area.
Since opening in May 2007 we have gained an excellent reputation in helping our guests to enjoy their stay with us by helping them discover places that they might not know about.
We can help both walkers and visitors that might prefer to discover The Dales by car.
For Walkers we have maps and routes of all the 3 Peaks and can suggest which routes are the best to take based around what you are interested in seeing and also on weather conditions we also have less strenuous walk routes and can advise you what to expect based on your ability.
For guests wanting to do the famous Ingleton Waterfalls Walk we have our own unique hand drawn map that points out various interesting things to look out for that you won’t see or realise was there if you just strolled around the walk with the leaflet that the Waterfalls company provides. The map also shows you a slight detour that you can take so that you can walk on a Limestone pavement that has appeared in various tv/movie scenes.
Guests that prefer to drive around the Dales we can point out many different drives for you either sticking to the main roads and villages, or if you prefer the narrower quiet lanes with stunning views where the only traffic jams are caused by sheep on the road then we can also help you out.
If you’re a fan of waterfalls the Dales is full of them and we can guide you to ones that are hard to find or are on the roadside where you just need to stop the car and look over a dry stone wall or walk a few metres to see a hidden gem.
The area is full of birds from common sparrows to rare birds of Prey and we are only too willing to tell you what to look out for on your visit or what you may have seen while out and about.
There are loads of street markets on different days in different villages and we can advise you which days they are on so you can enjoy them…..or avoid them!
Maybe your hobby is photography if it is then let us know what you like to photograph and we can help you pick out some suitable places instead of hoping to stumble across something by chance.
The Dales is crammed full of History, historic buildings, legend and folklore and loads of funny amazing stories which are fascinating to know.
We love the Yorkshire Dales and everything about it and we want you to feel the same about your visit.